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- April 2013
My Creative Life Blog
   Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:37 pm

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My Creative Life Blog

Permanent Linkby artycreation on Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:37 pm

:) Hi, my name is Ian and i live in the U.K, grew up with being influenced by Children's TV!,
that lead to where i'm currently at! I studied at Norwich City College on Art&Design courses and then
the serious one came along 'Btec National Diploma in Graphic Design' (gaining the full Triple Distinction Grade). As a small child i loved drawing,
and copying cartoons like 'He-man and She-Ra', then as i got older i had a vivid imagination that run away with me!

There's alway's been an eye for detail, probably the 'Asperger's in me, as i am autistic! I have experienced being part
of a team many times, in (Magazine Work), (Rocky Horror Show), (Puppet Theatre), (Film/Animation Making) i enjoy
a challenge and working with others in a team!

My Film Career started in January 2010 wanting to recreate The (British) Classic Children's T.v Show No. 73! that originally
starred Stars like (Sandi Toksvig) and (Neil Buchannan) from (Art Attack TV Show)

The idea was to bring the show back from the 1980's (1982-1988) and make large sets using cardboard and paper and black liner pens
also MDF board, and furniture! Making the first Tribute to No. 73 called 'Anytime Anywhere' took 6 months, i even emptied my living room
to recreate the front of the house and the big famous red door with yellow numbers 73!, all 4 walls were covered!

The floor had a road made from two shower box's and painted with acrylic and some chipping's!

I eventually made 3 Tribute film's the others being 'The Roller Skates' a Tribute to comedian 'Frank Sidebottom' who sadly passed away
in June 2010! I made his (Papier Mache Head) from newspaper and painted the face on!! Even went to London to do some nice photo's
the public were so intriuged by what i'd made, and even got some tourists having pictures taken with me, Wow!!

The other was 'The move' where us the gang had to move out from No. 73! by now, The Press, and Radio etc had got involved!

YouTube and many other websites, forums etc have become a good way to share my work, 101 different known counties have tuned
in and watched with almost 8,000 views overall not bad going!, cutting short, i love being creative!!

In January 2012 i had invented my own little animation world called 'Zey The Mouse'!, which i have copyrighted!, The characters are
cute little animal's made from Fimo-Clay!, with wire inside. I had to learn about frames per second etc! which took a very long time, with lots of help from
the public, being educated and watching others videos.The public have taken a shine to Zey and his friends (Dylan Dog) (Clara Cat) etc!

The Press and Radio again are always supportive and have watched me progress, in the process of making Test Shots and small clips, a very first episode called 'Chestnut Hall'
is in the making! When complete will then contact TV stations, the sets are about 8ft long and 6ft by 4. The figures stand up to 16 cm in height!

In July 2013, in the Magazine called KL Magazine There will be a nice 3 page spread of No. 73 and Zey The Mouse!, It's available in Norfolk in the U.K!! :)

Also in 2013 i have been making a Children's Picture Storybook of Zey The Mouse called 'The Mystery of Chestnut Hall'!! My writer is Jonathan Smith!

Zey The Mouse is the best creation i've ever made/come up with!! go ZEY!! :) :)
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