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Jewish Jewelry
Handmade Jewish jewelry holds great spiritual value (also known as Judaic , Hebrew jewelry) . Representing mainly Hebrew historical events, numbers, holy bible text, symbols, the handcrafted Jewish jewelry pieces remind the Jewish believers of their faith and tradition. Since the Jewish bracelets, Hebrew rings, judaic spinners and Judaica pendants and other forms of jewelry are designed uniquely to exhibit the historical shapes of wisdom, they make significant gift items for all occasions.


Jewish jewelry is available in several different styles and forms, depicting Jewish motifs and symbols:
Jewish Menorah,
Star of David
The Hamsa hand
The Mezuzah
Jerusalem amulets
Hoshen jewelry


These amulets believed to protect the house and its inhabitants from the evil and negative energies, among many others.

Aside from these symbols, quite often the Jewish jewelry pieces are inscribed with Hebrew words, letters and phrases which are obtained from the Bible, conventional prayers and blessings and other holy sources.

It is because of the spiritual significance and power to protect the wearer against the evils and misfortunes that the Jewish jewelry pieces are also worn by shoppers worldwide also outside the Jewish religion.

HolylandPrecious.com include a large collection of handcrafted Jewish jewelry.
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Customized Name Jewelry

Have you ever thought of wearing a customized Name Jewelry ?
Setting your name in a jewelry is your best choise.
A personalized jewelry is such a jewelry that will have meaning forever to the wearer. Engraving your name is one of the best ideas to make it even more personal to you so that no one can dare to wear it.
It is the hottest trend to get name in the jewelry. It is most probably choose by college going students, actors and celebrities as it help them a lot in showing their individuality and uniqueness of style than others. It really catches the eyes of every person around you and cannot stop them from appreciating you for having and wearing such gorgeous and stunning name jewelry.


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